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3-Pack!  Whole Bean, 250g Tins

3-Pack! Whole Bean, 250g Tins

SKU: 01-WB-3750
$43.50 Regular Price
$40.50Sale Price

3-Pack saves you $1 per tin!


Venice Blend – Our flagship blend; this is an authentic Italian masterpiece. Our roast master in Naples brings out what Italian coffee is all about in this rendition. It's is a symphony of flavors all built upon a deep, chocolaty body with notes of citrus fruit that play across the top. It's all held together by the rich, dense crema; all in harmony, playing off each other perfectly. The aftertaste lingers like a sweet melody slowly fading away. This is music in coffee. This coffee is art.


Whole bean, dark roast, espresso blend delivered in a beautiful tin with artwork commissioned by Lorenzotti Italy to support independent artists.

  • Shelf Life

    Our tins will keep coffee fresh for weeks, especially as whole beans.  We do recommend you grind only what you intend to use, and you keep the lid tightly secured over the tin for storage in a cool, dry place.

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