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Why Medium-Fine Grind???

You may have noticed we offer our coffee in pre-ground form with medium-fine coarseness.

This is much finer than what you may have (unfortunately) bought in grocery stores in big, plastic jugs. Why do we offer this finer grind?

Well, it says it right on the tin; this medium-fine coarseness is perfect for the moka pot brewing method which is the most cost-effective form of homemade espresso. Whereas you can spend hundreds or thousands (even tens of thousands, if you are so inclined) of dollars on espresso machines, you can snag a moka pot for as little as $10. I highly encourage you to NOT buy a $10 moka pot, but you do you. There's a rumor that we'll be offering a high-quality moka pot on this site in the near future... I can neither confirm nor deny.

As well as being ideal for cheaply-brewed-but-still-awesome espresso, this coarseness can be used in other espresso machines as well. Typically, you'd want a slightly finer grind in a machine, but this can serve while you're researching which grinder to buy.

It can also be brewed in an American-style drip system! Seriously, it can. I do it often. I recommend starting with about half of the volume you'd usually use of a coarser grind and adjust to taste/your drip system's performance. The resulting cup will be a very smooth brew, however, which some say is a little too smooth; I can't disagree with a desire for coffee with bite, so I recommend the moka pot.

If you're not a straight espresso person and just can't fathom sipping a straight moka pot shot, my daily cup is an Americano from my moka pot. Just brew the maximum capacity of your moka pot with the appropriate amount of our Moka-Pot Ground Venice Blend and mix it 1:1 with hot water (preferably about 195-200 degrees) and get that delicious bite as well as the chocolaty body Venice Blend is known for!

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