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Robert's Story

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I was born in Vienna, Austria and lived there until my mid-twenties.  I loved the coffee houses there.  The culture, the art, the atmosphere of them was always comforting to me.  They each had interesting and unique histories that fascinated me; Sigmund Freud was known to frequent one spot I visited.

When I was 27, I moved to the United States to improve my English.  I struggled to find coffees I liked, so I turned my back on it altogether.  I would travel back to Europe sometimes, and on one of those trips I rekindled that love of coffee.  The thought of leaving that wonderful coffee behind to return to the US saddened me, and the idea was born; I would bring that taste of Italy to the US.

I returned with a mission.  I began making connections and negotiating with the roaster.  I also made a friend at my day job who shared my passion for coffee.  Zac and I are very different, but we share a few, crucial interests; coffee, business, and jokes at the other’s expense.  I invited him to take part, and he jumped at the opportunity.  We’ve been sharing our coffee with the country and making fun of each other ever since.

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