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Peddling Fiction!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with The Voice and Soul of So-Called Fiction himself, Johnny "The Gentile" Profita of the podcast Peddling Fiction to help promote concepts of liberty, small government (if any!), and voluntary charitable contributions as opposed to taxation backed by the threat of monopolized violence, but I'll leave the preaching to Johnny... who I think should rock the moniker Johnny "The Prophet" Profita.

I'm a relatively new fan of the podcast myself, but I've been devouring episodes non-stop since I first discovered them. Especially in light of recent governmental failures of epic proportions, these concepts desperately need spreading. Sometimes financially-centered, sometimes in the form of cultural commentary, sometimes straight railing against the incompetence of our "wise overlords in Washington", unfailingly with a healthy dose of sarcasm, Mr. Profita always entertains while educating you from a Rothbardian perspective of the proper place of government; under the heel of the people. And, like all things worth your time advertised on this page, he's from an Italian family.

Go give the podcast a listen and let me know what you think. Let him know what you think while you're at it. And tell him to take the moniker "The Profit", would ya?

"Tastes like freedom." -Johnny "The Prophet" Profita, whether he likes it or not

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