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Lions of Liberty!

I'm proud to announce that we are now official sponsors of Lions of Liberty! As a long-time fan of their podcasts, I am excited to be a bigger part of the movement for liberty. In their words;

"The Lions of Liberty are a group of like-minded individuals, who have come together in an effort to advance the ideas of liberty daily."

Beyond sharing the message of liberty, they have made a pledge to give 10% of their Patreon contributions to DonorSee, a charity organization focused on making the most of charitable contributions and transparency for those who donate. If you are not familiar with these organisations, I strongly encourage you to visit them and consider joining their causes.

In the words of the great Brian McWilliams, "Always stay plugged in to liberty."

Seriously, check out DonorSee's About page.

And DonorSee's CEO's Patreon; this is how he pays his own bills.

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