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Hand-made in US, no plastic, manual grinder!

We are so excited to offer the Red Rooster Trading Company's Camano Coffee Mill hand grinder to our customers! It's a beautiful, simple, elegant hand grinder made with a cast iron body, ceramic burr, wood, and includes a glass jar for the fresh grounds to dispense into. I've had mine for about a week now, and I love it. Yeah, I totally stole it from our inventory.

Speaking of inventory, we only have FOUR OF THESE IN STOCK! We're offering them in packages with either 2 bags of coffee, 6 tins of coffee, or 1 bag and 3 tins of coffee; we're hoping that will fit your holiday shopping list. Since I've had mine, I've ground super fine for fun, fine for espresso, medium-fine for my moka pot, medium for my drip system, and as coarse as it would just to confirm that this thing has the ability to grind whatever you could want. The grind is perfect, super consistent. The fact that the coffee never even touches plastic with this grinder (there is ZERO PLASTIC in the grinder) gives me hope that there are people out there with their priorities straight.

You probably know we've been looking for the perfect hand grinder to offer our customers, and we've finally found it. The price tag from the manufacturer is $129; for this quality, it's worth every penny. In our store, you'll get the grinder with the jar plus a bunch of our Venice Blend coffee for $190. Trust me when I say that you won't regret the investment. Freshly ground coffee is always better, and whole bean coffee lasts longer. So order soon as we have VERY limited stock.

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