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Equipment Catalog

I know you're thinking it, "Lorenzotti claims to offer coffee equipment, but all their store contains is coffee..." Well, we've been busy testing some products from Italian manufacturers as well as some US manufacturers to find the right products to endorse and offer to you... In other words, we've been drinking a lot of coffee and playing with some pretty awesome gizmos. We have a catalog chiseled down to what we think worthy of your obviously superior taste (we can shamelessly pat ourselves on the back as long as we flatter you too, right?), but I'd love to hear what feedback you would offer.

What would you like to see available in our store? An aesthetically pleasing residential espresso machine built by people as passionate about coffee as you are? Swanky automatic grinders with all the bells and whistles? Simple but reliable hand grinders that give you that even greater connection to your perfect cup? What about some simpler accessories like demitasse sets? We're all ears.

Let us know what you think and we'll send you something extra with your next order.

Email me directly at or find us on one of those tweetyface sites.

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